BGI Ethiopia PLC


BGI is the leading brewery in Ethiopia with a leading share of the domestic beer market. BGI services thousands of sales outlets all over the country, and deploys Promoters to visit and monitor these outlets regularly. Apposit worked with BGI to develop a Sales Outlet Management platform using its Connect product that allows its Promoters to record and submit all sales and service follow up data electronically. This paperless data collection is aggregated automatically, and provides real time insight and actionable analysis to management and operational departments.


  • Data collection was manual and time consuming, often causing errors and delays in reporting.
  • Difficult data management and delays in data aggregations made actionable data analysis difficult.
  • Data collection was not scalable or easily extendable.

Our Solution

  • A mobile, form based data collection tool that allowed Promoters to capture data electronically in field and submit to a central data repository immediately.
  • A central data repository accessible through a browser based application that provided actionable, real time reports to management.
  • A management portal to organize and manage resources involved in sales and distribution.
  • The system also allows authorized Agent data encoders to enter daily outlet sales through the portal.

The Results

  • Aggregated data on almost 1000 sales outlets is available in real time for analysis and action. 931 outlets across 5 territories have been registered in the system, and 16,000 daily sales were recorded in a span of 2 months.
  • Analysis data now provides invaluable data on performance and market conditions.
  • More efficient management of Promoters and Sales Agents has been made possible through consolidation of sales data.