DKT Ethiopia


DKT International is a nonprofit organization, which designs and implements social marketing programs in 19 countries around the world to promote family planning. DKT Ethiopia is one of the most successful marketing and sales operations in the country and distributes various types of birth control products, reproductive health and child survival products across the country. It employs over 40 sales people responsible for selling and supplying DKT products to over 30,000 sales outlets across the country. Apposit worked with DKT to automate the collection of sales data which was being recorded on sales vouchers and subsequently manually consolidated.


  • Manual data collection was time consuming, often causing errors and delays in reporting.
  • Daily SMS messages with daily sales volumes of each sales agent in Addis Ababa are also sent to mobile phones of head office staff, who manually enter that data for reporting purposes. The two main problems faced with this mode of operation is that consolidated reporting is not timely, and that the current means of messages is time consuming and tedious.

Our Solution

  • Apposit built a customized Connect platform to track daily sales across its many sales agents operating across the country. Using SMS enabled phones, sales agents record their daily sales information by product and amount and send to the central server.
  • Reminder SMS messages are sent to sales agents that have not submitted reports until they have successfully submitted their report.
  • Aggregated data is available in real time through a browser based management and reporting portal for analysis and action.

The Results

  • 64 sales agents across all 11 regions have been registered.
  • In the course of a year, close to 10,000 sales reports were submitted.
  • Sales volume reports provide valuable information to the marketing team.
  • Reminders have contributed for timely submission.
  • Management staff have been able to monitor sales agents’ performance on a daily basis.